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Please send an email with any question or problem you are having to We will do our best to answer your question or solve your problem within 24 hours. We are also happy to listen to any suggestion or feature request you have as we develop future versions of the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I still haven't received my registration key even though I paid, what now?
  2. Sometimes email filters interpret the registration key email as spam and it never shows up in your inbox. Contact us directly at and we will resend your key.

  3. How do I make captions without borders or background colors?
  4. Simply select 'None' for the caption property you don't want colored. Choose 'None' for the border color and 'None' for the fill color.

  5. How do I check for updates?
  6. Use the built-in update feature. Go to the Help menu and select 'Check for Updates'. CaptionIt! will check our server and download any updates available.

  7. Do I need to have Microsoft's .NET Framework 2.0 installed to run CaptionIt?
  8. Yes, Microsoft's .NET Framework 2.0 is required to run CaptionIt! Most computers running Windows XP have the .NET Framework already installed. The CaptionIt! installation process will automatically install the .NET Framework if you don't already have it.

  9. What image file formats does CaptionIt! support?
  10. CaptionIt! handles the following standard formats: JPG, PNG, GIF, and BMP.

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